THE TECHNOLOGY AROUND YOU...the world of SAET is everywhere you look.


We are not just about work. For us this is a passion we cultivate day by day. Each project gives us the awareness of having created something that did not exist before, and will testify to the fact that we did.

We listen to you, our customers, and together we create a technological heart capable of providing a secure, efficient answer to your needs.
The world of SAET is everywhere you look.

SAET was set up in 1990 as an electronics systems, hardware and software design company. Bringing together highly specialized experts with many years of experience gained in the automotive and industrial automation sector, in just a short time the business began to focus on custom microcontroller and microprocessor systems. 


Every object that accompanies us in our daily lives possesses a technological engine under its surface which is capable of breathing life into it. The generations that preceded us saw hearts of metal with cores and bodies of heavy steel. Today the objects we touch are increasingly lightweight and ergonomically-shaped, yet vastly more powerful. Functionality, practicality and design are the essential requirements of every new product set to make its debut on the market. Reliability, flexibility, power, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and versatility are the qualities its technological engine must live up to.
We listen to you, our customers, and together we create a technological heart capable of providing a secure, efficient answer to your needs.
The solutions we employ are designed to reach your goals through careful production cost planning, compliance with specifications, and improving the performance and competitivity of our products on the market.
Discover with us how to apply the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective science to the heart of your products, and reap the benefits that new technology makes available to anyone who knows how to use it effectively.
  • HARDWARE design
  • PCB/CAD and 3D development
  • FIRMWARE development
  • Automated Optical Inspection -AOI-
  • SMD assembly
  • PTH assembly
  • PARAMETRIC testing
  • FUNCTIONAL testing


Our quality system has been certified  since 2009 as compliant with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard. However, our desire for professional growth drives us constantly towards new challenges. Indeed, we have recently started the procedures for acquiring two new certifications: the ISO EN 14000 environmental and ISO EN 18000 occupational health and safety standards. Special attention is paid to the ongoing training of all our staff through courses held both within and outside the company.

Following SMT and PTH assembly, all the boards undergo automated optical inspection in order to prevent and identify any assembly or soldering defects. This test is carried out using a state-of-the-art Omron RNS-pt.Our inspection system guarantees the utmost reliability in all the boards assembled. Thanks to techniques for acquiring special images and processing them using a very special wide-spectrum lighting system, we obtain practically complete coverage of soldering joint and component positioning defects. The operating principle is based on the acquisition of images detected by a high definition camera, combined with a ring lighting system which emits a flash sequence with different wavelengths. The images are then compared with those stored in the library, and if this comparison highlights any possible defects a specialist operator analyzes the signal, and if necessary remedies or flags up the problem. One hundred per cent of our production undergoes this test.

The test programs are developed by our own highly specialized engineers trained by the world leader in this type of test.

Our functional testing solutions (ATE) are general purpose, as they are capable of testing different types of board and electronic device with minimal investment.


The world of SAET is everywhere you look. For example, what do a car, a production plant, an automatic dispenser and a car-wash have in common? Easy: our electronics, our wiring, in other words our technology.